August 5, 2010

THINGS I LIKE: La Cueva de Los Cristales

I know sci-fi tries to tell us otherwise, but I think we definitely lucked out with this planet of ours. It's the coolest! Have you ever seen images of crystal caves? Not just hippie-dippie street vendor crystals meant to re-align your chakras while simultaneously emptying your wallet. Seriously awe inspiring, giant crystals, people!

Here are pictures (from our brainy friends over at National Geographic) of the most incredible crystal cave discovered as of yet. It took hundreds of thousands of years to grow these crystals and some are as tall as 36 feet! Incredibly, these aren't photoshopped. Behold!! La Cueva de los Cristales!

p.s. By the way, I love that everyone in the pictures looks like a sort of bored construction worker while they are probably some sort of genius / scientist just trying to look cool.

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