June 23, 2010

New post at OMFG: How to Host a Baby Shower

One of my nearest and dearest is about to pop! That baby is ready and waiting for the big day. So naturally, a baby shower is in order. I wrote this article over at OMFG on how to host a baby shower that's actually fun for the guests and most importantly, the mom-to-be! Go here for the post!

THINGS I LIKE: Inspiration Station!

Hello there,

I recently missed the one night only showing of 'The Tale of the Fox' (Le Roman de Renard) at BAM. It's a famous stop motion film from the 1930s made by Polish-born (French-raised) Wladyslaw Starewicz and his wife Irene Starewicz. Say that three times fast! It's an incredible film and very rarely screened. Luckily, I found it broken down into parts on youtube. What a treat!! Wes Anderson pays homage to this film with small references in 'The Fantastic Mr Fox' - another gorgeous film.


June 3, 2010

NEW WORK: Abe's Peanut is out!!

Here are my illustrations for the great new children's magazine Abe's Peanut. It was such a pleasure working with writer Lisa Tharpe and the magazine founders (and sisters) Anna and Tess Knoebel. For more information go to abespeanut.com

{click on the images to enlarge}

The promo image for issues sold in stores

Fox, Hedgehog and Willow Warbler, in pre-finger puppet form.

Fox's den on the left, library lawn, Willow Warbler's nest in the trees and Hedgehog's burrow (where the treasure can be found).

Chatting with Hedgehog in the woods.

Hedgehog's bejeweled burrow, with Eames rockers to boot!

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