April 10, 2012

THINGS I LIKE: Caine's Arcade

photo by Nirvan Mullick

I just watched Nirvan Mullick's short film on 9 year old Caine and his DIY arcade. It is so inspiring and sweet and fun, especially seeing Caine's reaction to a flashmob lining up outside his LA arcade (built within his dad's auto parts shop). I cannot wait to get back down to LA and go play some games.

This film really struck me for a few reasons. Primarily, I think it resonates with so many of us and our own childhood dreams and wild imaginations. Caine is incredibly creative with great problem solving skills (he made his own claw machine!) and maybe the very best is a supportive dad and growing community. Simply put, Caine is a super cool kid. See for yourself!

You can learn more about Caine, the arcade hours and location as well as donate to Caine's college fund HERE. Imagine what this kid could do with an engineering degree! You can also find out more on the Caine's Arcade facebook page.

** Update** Since posting this early this morning, thousands and thousands of people have fallen for Caine and his arcade. His college fund has already come up to $56,000! What is most inspiring to me about this is how a small film and one imaginative kid can stir the enthusiasm and generosity of thousands of people. If only all budding young artists could have such a global community cheering them on. 

April 3, 2012


Ian Ruhter's artwork takes the wet plate collodian process (a photographic technique developed in the 1850s) to another level. He spent his life savings transforming a delivery truck into a massive camera and, using the collodian process, is able to capture images onto large coated and sensitized plates. He develops them on the spot as there are only about 15 minutes before the plate dries. 

Below are some beautiful images from his Foursquare Wet Cellodian Project, with a spectrum of landscapes, skateboarders and snowboarders, and an awesome video below for a much clearer explanation of his process, as well as some real inspiration. 

- click on images to enlarge -

All images by photographer Ian Ruhter

Here is the beautiful short Silver and Light by photographer Ian Ruhter.

Ian is driving his truck / camera on wheels across the States. See more of Ian's work here or get in touch through Ian's Facebook page to get involved.