May 31, 2010

Fun Finds

I have a pretty solid collection of vintage children's books and nothing makes me happier than a new addition!

Yesterday I happened upon some real gems at a book seller's table in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). This image is from 'The Animals' Boat Ride' - a Rand Mcnally Junior Elf Book. I saw this picture and didn't need to look further, I had to own it. I even waited until I got home to look at the rest. Don't you wish you lived in this world? Which one are you? I am definitely the raccoon.

{click on the image to enlarge}

And look at this guy! Did anyone ever look better in a red striped shirt?

{click on the image to enlarge}

May 23, 2010

Abe's Peanut

{click on image to enlarge}

There's a new kid's magazine in town and it's called Abe's Peanut! Brought you by the sister team behind Abe's Penny! Each issue is four postcards (one sent every week), making it a micro-magazine and uber fun to get mail! The series is all collaborations between artists and writers and sure to please!

I illustrated the first series of Abe's Peanut and can't wait to receive my copies! The magazine will be carried in select stores and available by subscription. More info here at Abe's Peanut!

Daily Candy recently posted about the project! So exciting!

Yes, I used 8 exclamation points. It's that good.

New post at OMFG: How to sell your wares at a craft / art fair!

Recently, my good friend Meghan Guthrie and I hawked our wares at the famous Brooklyn Flea. I wrote an article over at OMFG on how to sell at a craft fair and some handy tips for first timers!

Click here to read the article. Enjoy!