August 18, 2011


I just spent the past two months packing up my eight years of living in Brooklyn, NY and drove across the country with my fiance and our dog (in a car packed to the brim with camping gear, computers, water jugs and vegan snacks - to survive Middle America). We camped our way across the nation and just moved into our new home in Portland, Oregon. More on that later.

The road trip itself was an adventure. We saw old ghost towns with incredible signage, beautiful vistas, and lots of novelty statues (including the World's Largest Bison and a big mouse gnawing on a wedge of cheese - Wisconsin of course). The greatest surprise along our way was along a long stretch of Highway I-94 in North Dakota (near Regent, ND). We came upon the World's Largest Scrap Metal Sculpture (according to Guiness). It was striking to see it coming up in the distance and really beautiful up close. There is a series of them along the Enchanted Highway but this one is called 'Geese in Flight'. I was really taken by it, especially when it looms overhead as you walk around it. Seeing a few random bolts and scraps of metal on the ground wasn't the greatest feeling but we made it out okay! I wish we could have seen the rest of the Enchanted Highway but we had the Oregon Trail ahead of us!

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