October 25, 2010

THINGS I LIKE: Night at the Guggenheim

This past week my beau and I attended the Youtube Play awards at the Guggenheim as our good friend James Braithwaite was one of 25 honored winners (out of over 25,000 submissions!). The show featured creative shorts on Youtube and the event didn't disappoint! Each screening was paired with a live musical performance and the interior of the Guggenheim was covered in projections. It was pretty stunning!

Here are some of my favorite shorts from the 25 winners!

I Met the Walrus: Director Josh Raskin and illustrators James Braithwaite & Alex Kurina

Bathtub IV: Keith Loutit

Western Spaghetti: PES Film

This Too Shall Pass: OK GO

Autumn Story: Yanni Kronenberg &  Lucinda Schreiber

Birds on the Wires: Jarbas Agnelli

The Huber Experiments Volume 1: Erik Huber

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