September 1, 2010

THINGS I LIKE: Estelle Hanania

I recently discovered the beautiful, mysterious and whimsical work of French photographer Estelle Hanania. The images below are from two series 'Demoniac Babble' and 'Parking Lot Hydra', both documenting men in costume at carnivals. In her own words, "I'm attracted by a feeling of disorientation and excitement that you can find in these gatherings and costumed traditions... I love this kind of situation where everything gets confused and uncertain, but you still can define the most familiar shape which is the human figure, vanishing."

More of her work can be seen here.

Demoniac Babble 2007

Parking Lot Hydra 2009


ArtSparker said...

Are any of these Nick Cave's sound suits? Some of them look as if they are. His work is pretty wonderful in itself...

vanessa said...

I'm pretty sure they aren't but I definitely see the connection. I love his suits - particularly those made of branches! Might have to be my next post!