July 7, 2009

look what I found!

Though I may get a dirty look, I am absolutely one of those people that will pick something up off the sidewalk or in the dirt. Not just anything, but something that has a little spark I can't ignore. And sometimes, not all the time, it really pays off.

I have found some real treasure over the years including bird's nests, old letters, patinated keys, photographs, etc. Amongst many other collections, I have been picking up single playing cards off the street and eventually hope to have the whole deck. You wouldn't believe how often there are playing cards lying on the ground. But I only pick up one at a time and just have to hope it's one I need. But that's not the point.

The other day, after a long rain here in Brooklyn, I came upon this innocent little card in a puddle. I loved the simplicity of the lonesome number on that (once) cream card.

Little did I know what was waiting for me on the other side!

The Men About Town! Bob Prince on Vibes! 10 to 2! and for only $1.50, these guys really knew how to throw a party in 1953! I tried to do some research on these Men About Town and all I came up with was a New York Times article from 1911 on the modest beginnings of this Friars Club.

Thanks, Street!

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